Unlocking Creativity Membership

Mini-workshops for inspiration, support and encouragement!

✨ Don’t have time for a weekly writing group?
✨ Want to write but feel unready to share in a group?
✨ Unsure of where to begin when writing on your own?

Unlocking Creativity Membership is for you.

Unlocking Creativity provides mini-workshops delivered straight to your inbox to provide the inspiration, support, and encouragement you need.

With Unlocking Creativity membership you get:

✨ Twice-weekly emails with unique prompts, guided writing videos, exercises, craft nuggets, poems, inspiration, and encouragement.

✨ Live online writing cafes to share creative space in real time.

✨ A 10% discount and early access to Writers’ Room workshops. These groups are limited to 8 writers and fill fast. Unlocking creativity members will get first dibs.

Every new Unlocking Creativity mini-workshop will provide you with the nudge you need to keep writing, no matter how busy you are.

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The best part? Unlocking Creativity is offered to founding members for just $8/month or $79 for the entire year. That’s a month’s worth of support for your writing for about the cost of one trip to Starbucks. 🥂

Why Unlocking Creativity?

✨ These mini-workshops can be done anytime, anywhere: from the parking lot at soccer practice to early mornings when the house is quiet to late at night when you’re most creative. Unlocking Creativity will be there for you on your own schedule. 

✨ Unlocking Creativity will provide unique, inspiring prompts to get your pen moving. I will also share nuggets on craft, definitions, poetry, writing exercises, guided writing videos, and all the resources to help you pursue, as Annie Dillard says, “the writing life.”

✨ The online writing cafes provide an opportunity way to write together without any expectation of sharing out loud. When you do feel ready to join a group, subscribers will get early access to all workshops and 10% off registration.

Unlocking Creativity will arrive in your inbox twice a week as a friendly nudge to keep showing up for yourself as a writer.  Like an accountability partner, I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

✨ These mini-workshops will provide a framework to sit down and get writing. They’ll deliver the inspiration, support, and encouragement you need to write on your own.